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Essay on air pollution

Essay on air pollution

essay on air pollution

The important effects of air pollution are as follows: 1. Atmospheric particles, due to fuel combustion for industrial and household heating purposes, can scatter and absorb sunlight and thus reduce visibility. 2. Increased level of CO 2 causes greenhouse effect. 3 Mar 16,  · Here is a short essay in the form of a paragraph on the topic: Air pollution occurs when harmful gasses and dust are released into the atmosphere. There are many sources of air pollution, such as forest fires, human activities, and volcanic eruptions. Automobiles and power plants are the highest contributors Essays on Air Pollution. Air pollution is a problem that greatly affects those living in large, urban centers and the Third World. Those affected by poor air quality can develop serious breathing and health problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and even emphysema

Essay on Air Pollution: 9 Selected Essays on Air Pollution

Home — Essay Samples — Environment — Air Pollution — Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, And Solutions. The Earth is slowly dying, and one of the reasons why is because of us. We are hurting the planet through our actions, essay on air pollution. Air pollution is a mixture of particles and gases in the air that becomes harmful to everyone. It can have serious effects on the health of the entire planet; it affects people locally and the world as a whole. Air pollution can have both human-made and natural sources. The causes range from human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, indoor burning of wood, biomass-based fuels to cook, heat, light, transportation emissions, increased industrial activities, and more.

Some natural sources of air pollution contributions include volcanic activity, dust and wildfires, animals, and vegetation. Humans are the primary cause of the rapid increase in air pollution in the past decades. They have caused air pollution in many different ways. Air pollution is connected and caused directly when we essay on air pollution transportation, electricity, fuels, gas, and etc. It can also be caused indirectly, when people buy goods and services that use energy and production processes that release the chemicals. Most of this air pollution we cause results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles.

Through activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, indoor burning of wood, biomass-based fuels to cook, heat, and light. Coal-burning power plants are a significant essay on air pollution. Industrial processes such as factories and the chemicals coming from essay on air pollution buildings pollute the air. Transportation also causes air pollution. Vehicle emissions contribute a lot to bad air quality. Another major factor is waste and the burning of waste in landfills, essay on air pollution. It produces and releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, such as dioxins, furans, methane, and black carbon.

Some air pollutants are poisonous. Inhaling them can increase the chance of having health problems in the future. People with heart or lung disease, older adults and children, are at higher risk from air pollution. Air pollution is not just outside; the air inside buildings can essay on air pollution be polluted and affect your health. It can be indoor and outdoor effects. No one can escape air pollution; it affects us all. It is everywhere. This is why this is a global problem, essay on air pollution, not just local. Pollution is also linked to climate change.

Everyone is involved and impacted in some type of way, essay on air pollution. Essay on air pollution pollution not only affects us but also all life on Earth. The plants, animals, wildlife, the environment — they are all harmed. Toxic chemicals are released into the air, and it essay on air pollution into plants and their food sources, it contaminates the water and can poison animals. It is a vicious cycle that travels through the food chain, hurting everyone. It is a global problem and affects the entire population of people living on the planet and the planet essay on air pollution. The purpose of these actions is not to harm to Earth and cause pollution; it is just the only way to advance and create more.

The start of air pollution is not something we wanted to produce, but it was an outcome of everything else we began. Humans started to do these things to advance in civilization and technology. The industrial revolution, as well as developing new technology, has caused more air pollution for the world. New industries, an increasing amount of factories, power plants, burning of materials to function and produce, essay on air pollution. Industrial processes release pollutants such as nitrous oxide and hydrofluorocarbons into the air. Factories also pollute the air through the high levels of fossil fuel emissions produced, which can be toxic and harmful.

Transportation is another leading cause of air pollution due to vehicle emissions, but transportation is necessary for life and continues to grow with population growth as well. As the world becomes more prominent, there will be more people, and then there will be more humans, therefore, more human activities that contribute to pollution Air pollution has its negative as well as positive outcomes. There is not just one side to it; it is not only negative. As the essay on air pollution have passed, there has been a considerable increase and development in technologies, industries, and improved processes. The positive outlook on all this is that society is slowly becoming more advanced and improved through more breakthroughs and research.

We have made more progress; the industries are becoming more abundant, there is more production, more growth. We have improved, and higher technology such as vehicles are advancing, small products and appliances, energy resources, and more. Although pollution may be the downside of all this advancement, there are still benefits to it. It has its ups and downs; not everything is only one-sided. It is a fair trade between good and bad outcomes. Some ways to help reduce air pollution would be to resort to using less and maybe converting to renewable energy sources. There are little things we can all do to lessen the harmful effects of air pollution. We need to be more aware of our actions and attempt to reduce chemicals and toxins produced. Just be more aware and conscious of the things we do.

Some ways the people and world are trying to help reduce this problem is by giving access to cleaner-burning fuel, creating more policies aimed at increasing energy efficiency, more renewable resources, cleaner processes, reducing fuel emissions. There have been policies adopted that require the use of cleaner fuels, improving the collection, separation, and disposal of solid waste can reduce the amount of waste that is burned or landfilled. We can also separate the organic waste and change it into compost and bioenergy and provide an alternative energy source.

It can take even small efforts that will help reduce this issue. People do not believe they have a role and can help better this situation and problem. Small changes such as using less energy, carpooling, essay on air pollution, avoid excess use of appliances, and machines that release toxins and chemicals can dramatically help. If everyone does their part and play a role, then it can help. There are billions of people on this planet; if one person starts, then it will be a chain reaction. If we all do this, the outcome of the planet will be brighter, the future will be less polluted and damaged Earth. My role is to help reduce and do the little things I can to help.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Starting from 3 hours delivery. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. This essay is not unique. Sorry, we could not paraphrase this essay. Our professional writers can rewrite it and get you a unique paper. Want us to write one just for you? We use cookies to personalyze your web-site experience. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions Subject: Environment Category: Human ImpactEnvironment Problems Topic: Air PollutionEnvironmental IssuesPollution Pages 2 Words: Published: 10 February Downloads: 47 Download Print.

Get help with writing. This is just a sample. Your time is important. Get essay help. Related Essays Analysis of the Approach to Better Air Quality and Reduction of Air Pollution in the US Essay. The Move to Reduce Air Pollution to Preserve the Human Population Essay. How Does Air Pollution Effect On Our Health Essay. Evaluation of the Health Impact of Air Pollution in America and China Essay. Air Pollution: Main Causes, Prevention and Effects on Human Health Essay. Problem of the Air Pollution Essay. Air Pollution as a Danger to Humanity Essay. Analysis of the Effects of Air Pollution Essay. Find Free Essays We provide you with essay on air pollution essay samples, perfect formatting and styling. Cite this Essay To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: APA MLA Harvard Vancouver Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, And Solutions.

Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, And Solutions. Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, And Solutions [Internet]. Order Now. Please check your inbox, essay on air pollution. Order now. Related Topics Global Warming Essays Food Waste Essays Environmental Issues Essays Climate Change Essays Recycling Essays. Hi there!

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essay on air pollution

Air Pollution Essay in Words for Class 9 and 10 The continuous increase of harmful and toxic substances in the fresh air of the atmosphere is the cause of air pollution. Pollution generated due to various external elements, toxic gases and other human activities affects the fresh air which adversely affects human life, plants and animals again Introduction to air pollution Atmospheric pollution can have natural sources, for example, volcanic eruptions. The gaseous by-products of man-made Although air is made up of mostly Oxygen and Nitrogen, mankind, through pollution, has increased the levels of many Air pollution can result in Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Mar 16,  · Here is a short essay in the form of a paragraph on the topic: Air pollution occurs when harmful gasses and dust are released into the atmosphere. There are many sources of air pollution, such as forest fires, human activities, and volcanic eruptions. Automobiles and power plants are the highest contributors

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